Slogan Writing

An online slogan writing contest to create catchy original slogans in a maximum of two lines depicting the urgency of wetlands conservation.

Submission Guidelines

  1. Participants can submit entries for all the themes. However only one entry maybe submitted per theme. For each entry, a seperate submission should be made.
  2. Slogans must be original, creative and innovative and must not be copied from any other source.
  3. Copyrighted content or slogans belonging to any third party (an organisation/individual) must not be used.
  4. Slogans to be limited to a maximum of two sentences and a maximum of of 20 words.
  5. Only one submission per participant is allowed.
  6. Winning entries will become property of Wetlands International South Asia and the organisation reserves the right to use them in any manner it sees fit.
  7. The decision of Wetlands International South Asia on the entries will be final.

Age Categories

  1. Category A : Between 10 to 14 years
  2. Category B : Above 14 to upto 18 years
  3. Category C : Above 18 and upto 25 years


  1. Wetlands are biological supermarkets
  2. Why conserve wetlands


Category A

  • First Prize : INR3000 + Student Membership
  • Second Prize : INR2000 + Student Membership
  • Third Prize : INR1000 + Student Membership

Category B

  • First Prize : INR4000 + Student Membership
  • Second Prize : INR3000 + Student Membership
  • Third Prize : INR2000 + Student Membership

Category C

  • First Prize : INR5000 + Student Membership
  • Second Prize : INR4000 + Student Membership
  • Third Prize : INR3000 + Student Membership