Celebrating the Silver Jubilee year of
Wetlands International South Asia

What is it?

A competition for children and youth

Wetlands International South Asia works for sustaining and restoring wetlands, their resources and biodiversity in South Asia region.

In our Silver Jubilee year, we are reaching out to children and youth who have a special place in conserving wetlands. Their stewardship can help arrest and reverse the ongoing decline and degradation of these ecosystems. We have curated online competitions that will allow children and youth to express their multifaceted understanding of wetlands, and their relevance for nature and society.

Online Competitions

Digital Photography

Digital Photography

An online amateur Digital Photography Contest to capture the various facets of wetlands, their biodiversity, beauty and aesthetics and also, ways of conservation.

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Slogan Writing

Slogan Writing

An online slogan writing contest to create catchy original slogans in a maximum of two lines depicting the urgency of wetlands conservation.

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Essay Writing

Essay Writing

An online essay writing contest on various facets of wetlands values, benefits and threats and conservation needs.

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Poster Making

Poster Making

An online poster contest to create creative and innovative visuals to raise awareness of wetlands amongst public at large.

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Key Dates

Sep 1

Entries Open

Nov 15

Entries Close

Feb 15, 2022

Results Declared

Entries close in:

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Prizes to be won

45 Cash Prizes 50 Student Memberships 100 Commendation Certificates

Frequently asked questions

Is there any registration fee?

There is no registration fee.

Can I participate in multiple competitions?

Yes! But you can submit only one entry per theme of a competition.

How do I make a submission for the competition?

Click on the submit button on the top-right of the page and fill in the details to submit your entry.

What is the deadline to submit my entries?

Entry submissions will close at 11:59pm IST of October 31, 2021.

How will I receive the cash prize if I win?

The office will contact you on the details provided in the entry form.

I am not a not a student of any school/university/college, can I participate?

The competitions are only open to students enrolled in recognised schools, colleges and universities.

Should the entry be forwarded by my school/college/university?

No. You can submit your entry directly.